The 5 Evening Regrets of #SundayFunday

Peaks Island Reggae Fest

Peaks Island Reggae Fest

Ahhh, Sunday funday. The rhyming phrase we all know, appreciate, and love to use as a hashtag. With warm weather making an appearance (FINALLY) and outdoor patios sprouting up like wildflowers, Sunday is a time celebrated by many as a day of day-drinking debauchery, rooftop recklessness, bar bites, and lots of fireball shots.

What begins as a day of carefree summer festivities, crop tops and liquor indiscreetly hidden in water bottles (since when is water brown?) can sometimes, however, turn into a migraine, daytime spins, and passing out by 5 PM. Though the phrase YOLO can be heard reverberating off the walls of the bar as you toast to your friends and scarf down those $3 tacos, day drinking can and often does end up catapulting you down a slippery slope that leads to you in your cubicle Monday morning, chugging Gatorade and wondering when the Advil will kick in. Despite feeling ready to take on the world as you consume alcoholic beverages during the day, as the evening sets in with intensity, you come to realize there are actual very significant regrets that we only seem to acknowledge once the sun has gone down.

Food, Food, Everywhere!
One of the biggest regrets during the evening of a reckless Sunday Funday is undoubtedly the decisions regarding food that are usually made in a tequila-shot stupor. For some reason the alcohol causes your appetite to become insatiable and no amount of oysters or hot wings can cure the ravenous beast inside of you. With the amazing bar specials ($3 for Chips & Guac!??!) and the sunshine, adding a giant, meaty taco to your day would quite literally create an unbeatable trifecta of happiness. It’s like the more you drink, the better the food begins to taste, and soon anything from a handful of your friends French fries to a double brownie sundae is up for grabs. It’s Sunday Funday after all, carbs don’t count! It’s not until your stomach begins to turn on you as you lay down for bed later that night that you realize perhaps you could have gone without those mozzarella sticks from that random food truck that had no line. Monday should be fun. Hopefully you don’t share a cubicle.

Fireball Forever
Though Sunday Funday usually means all caution is thrown to the wind, many of us will begin the day trying to stick to the “safer” alcohol choices, taking heed at the fact that day drinking and night drinking are two different things entirely. Due to this, beer, wine coolers, and other generally safe mixed drinks are usually how one will begin their day, with the hopes of catching nothing more than a light buzz while enjoying the festivities.
However, this isn’t always as easy as it seems. Occasionally, the DJ will play a song that you absolutely love, you’ll run into old friends from high school, or you’ll just get the urge to take a shot of something to liven up the party. Unfortunately, I liken shots to pringles in the fact that you can never have just one, and before you know it, you’ve traded out your baybreeze for tequila shots and raspberry kamikazes. What started as a fun but calm afternoon out in the sun has transformed into a remake of your spring break from 2008, and things begin to quickly turn sideways. Furthermore, you suddenly forget that not everyone celebrates Sunday Funday with boatloads of alcohol and slurring, including the family of four next to you. You know you’ve taken “turn up” to another level when the family has to ask the waiter to move tables because they don’t want their 10 year old watching your terrible choreography to Rihanna’s “Pour It Up”. Probably should have just stuck to beer.

Crop Tops and Flower Crowns
A crop top and shorts, a summer dress, and some type of flower crown is always an outfit necessity when it comes to Sunday Funday. For some reason, we all feel the need to channel our inner flower child and look as summery as possible with the hopes of slaying the Instagram Selfie game. However, as the afternoon wears on and the drinks begin to flow more freely, our cute ensemble slowly disintegrates into a sloppy college girl experiencing Coachella for the first time. The flower crown once woven delicately in our hair is now a tangled rats nets that seems to be attracting bugs, our glistening stomach has been taken prisoner by 3 burritos and now makes us look 5 months pregnant, and the shimmery makeup that was immpeccable at noon is now streaming down our face with the sweat from 90 degree weather. Even Instagram is throwing its hands up in frustration because the filters just seem to enhance your sloppiness. Blame it on the humidity, the shots, or the fish tacos, but the flower child you were at noon has now been transformed into the Bride of Frankenstein.

Social Media Fails
Let’s not pretend like #SundayFunday isn’t one of our most frequent hashtags of the summer. Not only is it super fun to take pictures of the beautiful views we have while we’re day drinking with our friends, but if you’re not putting the hashtag in there, will anyone even know it’s Sunday and you’re having fun? However, what begins as innocent selfies and group photos with your squad can quickly go left as the shots begin to flow and the Snapchat Stories and Instagram videos become more fervent. This makes for really embarrassing explanations to your coworkers and other friends on Monday morning when they see a video of you funneling a beer while wearing a bikini and a flower crown at 1:30 in the afternoon, captioning you as the “Funnel Queen”. Attempting to explain your way out of this to your boss when you get to work isn’t really something you had planned for your Monday morning. Maybe you can still find a way to add the Funnel Queen accomplishment to your resume?

Make It Rain
One of the largest regrets of Sunday Funday has to be the atrocious amount of money spent after 6 hours of day drinking. For some reason it seems as though the specials are just too good to pass up and you rejoice in the opportunity to eat lots of food and drink lots of alcohol while the sun is shining. Before you know it, you’re making it rain over multiple drinks and plates of food, unaware that these indulgences will eventually add up. Furthermore, running out of cash is never an issue when there’s an ATM close by. Who cares if its an extra $4 to withdraw money? It’s Sunday Funday after all! Regret usually begins to seep in around the same time that you begin to sober up as you look through your purse for cab money only to find loose change and grease-stained receipts. Where was that emergency $20 you hid in your birth control packet? Or did you use that to buy another round of Oysters? One thing is for certain; it’s never fun to look at your bank account the morning after Sunday Funday, and is most often followed by the popular response of “Where did all my money go? Why did I spend so much at that food truck?!” #SundayFundayProbz

Despite the inevitable regrets that are experienced as the day comes to a close, Sunday Funday is a rite of passage during the Summer months as we rejoice with friends, enjoy cheap eats, and drink the day away in the sunshine. Depending on where you live, you may only get 3 months of absolute warm weather, patio seating, and afternoon delights so it is imperative to enjoy each day to the fullest, even if that means you will be filled with extreme regret and a massive hangover on Monday morning. As long as your prepared for the risks, regrets, and annoying over-usage of the #SundayFunday hashtag, you will undoutedly have a fantastic afternoon of day drinking…until you realize that you’ve had way too many fireball shots, spent all your money, and tomorrow is Monday. Happy Summer!

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