5 Signs That Prove You’re “That Girl” During the Holidays


It’s no secret that I love the holidays. From Ugly Christmas Sweater parties, to ABC’s 25 Days of Christmas, I completely own the fact that I am obsessed with this festive season, and look forward to it more and more each year. Whether I’m belting Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, stringing lights (which translates into drinking wine and watching my Dad string lights), or strategically trying to pick out the perfect Christmas tree, I look forward to being able to fully immerse myself in the spirit of this season. The intensity of my holiday spirit is so apparent now, that I can actually just be labeled as “that girl” – The one who gets really involved in Christmas, so much so that it gets out of hand, slightly chaotic, and sometimes very annoying. The one who claps happily to herself each time she hears a “Chestnut” (which, according to Andy Williams, is a Christmas song that just gets better with age) and sings along in awful harmony with the tunes coming from the radio. The one who has already planned her “Christmas Eve” and “Christmas Day” outfits weeks in advance. Though it took me a while to realize I was a walking, talking holiday stereotype when it came to Christmas, I didn’t realize how bad I actually was, until now. If you’re wondering to yourself if you qualify as “that girl” during the holidays, here are some clues to help you out:

You Start Listening to Christmas Music Directly After Halloween
Put the costumes and candy away, and break out the ornaments and mistletoe! An easy way to tell if you’re “that girl” when it comes to Christmas is if you start listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving. If you find yourself humming any type of holiday tune and even programming your radio to the ‘Holly Jolly’ station on Sirius XM, you are most definitely a Christmas Crazy Person. You only further qualify yourself as someone who is obsessed with Christmas if you bust out the decorations before Thanksgiving has completed its final act. To you, Thanksgiving is simply an obstacle that stops you from getting your Christmas on, and Halloween is like the firing of the gun at a track meet. You only have a little under 2 months until Santa comes and you’ve got so much to do that every day becomes a giant countdown. If anything, Thanksgiving just signifies a halfway mark on your quest for holiday domination. What am I thankful for? That’s it’s almost Christmas, of course. Now, pass the gravy!

It Takes You An Hour To Find The Perfect Tree
Needle density. Mass. Height. Taste. Yes, I said taste. All of these things are paramount when looking for the perfect Christmas tree. My family and I have been cutting down our own trees since I was little, and I have grown up knowing that the hunt for the perfect tree is a sacred and artistic journey. Have you checked it out from all angles? Ran your hands slowly down each branch, checking to see if any fall off? Have you given the tree needles a taste-test? If it’s minty and firm, you’re good to go. Yes, the search for the perfect Christmas tree is a true art form and requires lots of careful consideration, as you don’t want to be a ‘newb’ and go after the first tree you see. You must become one with the tree that you choose, and once that bond is created, there is no breaking it. You also get bonus points if you cut it down yourself while singing Christmas carols out loud. Yeah, you’re definitely “that girl”.

You Get Super Sappy
Let’s face it — the holidays are a time for romance, and if you can’t find it in your real life, you can always locate it on the TV screen. In all honesty, I think Christmas is a perfect time to tap into those inner emotions you never knew existed. If you’re single, that means crying into a jar of Nutella while watching Love Actually, and if you’re in a relationship, that means crying into a jar of Nutella while watching Love Actually and asking your boyfriend why he can’t be more like Colin Firth’s character. Whatever romantic chick flick you decide on, Christmas time makes you want to turn over a new leaf in your romantic life and start fresh…at least until New Years’ Eve. Then, you’re so over that sh*t.

You Eat A lot
I still try and maintain my gym routine during the holidays, but it constantly gets canceled out by all the chocolate and cookies I’m stuffing into my fat face. During the holidays, it’s as if calories are a mythological creature and you feel as though you can eat as much food as possible and still miraculously fit into your New Years’ dress. From apple crisp, to chocolate creme pie, and from mac and cheese to McDonald’s (how’d that apple pie sneak into my car?), the holidays are a time when you take ‘Eat, Drink, and Be Merry’ literally. Now take another bite, ya porker.

You Want To Recreate Old Memories
Remember back when you were little, and you and your brothers and sister reenacted ‘The Night Before Christmas’ and videotaped it as a gift to your parents? Your brother played Santa Clause while you and the rest of your siblings acted out all the other parts, giggling as the camera was placed directly in your face, and failing miserable to stay in character? Perhaps it was cute when you were 7, but 20 years later, does it have the same appeal? When you get over involved in the holidays, time and age are of no consequence and you feel as though each Christmas memory when you were a child needs to be reenacted once again. When you’re “that girl” on Christmas, this is something you just can’t seem to let go of. You yearn for the good old days of Christmas festivities with your family no matter how ridiculous they were, and feel nostalgia tug at your heart strings as you think back to how carefree and enjoyable the holidays were back then. Maybe you even beg them to act out the story once more for old times sake. So what if we’re all grown now? It’s Christmas after all! But seriously…can we?

Overall, sometimes it’s not easy for those around you who have to deal with you being “that girl” for Christmas, but it’s not like you ever really have a choice in the matter. The festive memories and happiness surrounding the holidays is something that is inescapable, and despite your best efforts, you just have to embrace them in full force because they will eventually consume your life anyways. Though it may become exhausting to some, the holidays only come around once a year, and they go by way too quickly to be anything but happy. Celebrating with gusto each year becomes a necessity, and despite being a tad overbearing, everyone will most likely embrace it, and you, in their own way. Besides, what else do you have to celebrate once Christmas is over? Once you get rid of the tree, pack up the ornaments, and put away your Christmas sweaters, it just becomes one long, cold, miserable countdown until Summer….and ain’t nobody got time for that.

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  1. Kait

    My friends and I also have the Chin Selfie…aka bored at work. We stick to snapchat for this and attempt the best double chins possible. Don’t be too jealous that you don’t get to see that 3x a day.


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