Fall Feels: 6 Autumn Inspired Activities To Do With Your Significant Other

Put away the BBQs and the crop tops, because summer has finally come to a close. Though we have to bid farewell to the beach weather, the decrease in temperature and beautiful September scenery gives us various new activities to experience with our loved ones. Whether it’s hiking a trail and taking in the beauty of the fall foliage or cuddling up on the couch with some hot apple cider and a movie, the ‘feels’ of Fall and the overwhelming amount of romantic activities will be sure to cure your end-of-summer blues.

Apple Picking for Two
Who doesn’t love dressing in flannel, lacing up some cute boots and indulging in some delicious Macintosh apples? Apple picking will always be a fun and romantic activity for couples of all ages as you walk arm in arm underneath the bountiful fruit trees. Whether you’re on your first date or your fiftieth, exploring the wilderness and grabbing perfectly plump apples to taste-test is a fruit-inspired fairytale for any September afternoon.

Embrace The Foliage
The end of summer means the decrease in temperatures, which will prove to be beneficial as you and your significant other pack a picnic, put a leash on your dog, and head towards the great outdoors. If you’re lucky enough to find a perfect cliff-side view, the blankets of red, yellow and orange emanating from the trees will be a breathtaking sight. If you don’t live near any hiking paths (or aren’t the woodsy type) a simple evening walk around your neighborhood after work will also be a romantic activity you can enjoy together. Instead of rushing home after a long humid day to the comfort of your AC, you’ll be able to take the long way home, soaking in the scenic views and flooding your Instagram feed with foliage photos.

Indulge In Seasonal Food
Looking to whip up a dish together using some local ingredients? There’s no better time to go fresh-food shopping than during the fall months. Spend your Sunday traipsing through the various Farmer’s Markets in your area and indulge in some local eats. Scoop up a bag of crisp Macintosh favorites for some apple crisp, fresh rutabagas and potatoes for an autumn-inspired stew, or broccoli and carrots for a beautifully decorated Fall salad. Whatever your choice, a romantic dinner cooked together with a bottle of some delicious white wine and the fall foliage as your backdrop has Nicholas Sparks written all over it.

Passionate Pumpkin Carving
If you and your significant other haven’t been dating long, pumpkin carving will be a great way to really get to know them in depth. Does he have the carving skills of a Samurai, creating intricate patterns that will be beautifully illuminated in the outer core? Or is he more of a novice, carving a simple Jack O’ Lantern with triangles for eyes? Whatever the outcome, pumpkin carving is an enjoyable activity you can both experience together. Spread out the newspapers, have a few seasonal beers, and get to know one another while you’re wrist-deep in pumpkin goop. If all goes well, you can even save the pumpkin seeds, sprinkle a little cinnamon and sugar on them, and cook them in the oven for a well-deserved post-carving treat.

All Aboard The Hayride
Whether it’s part of your apple-picking adventure or a solo experience, hayrides are perfect fall activities do to with your partner. Throw on a sweatshirt and some boots and enjoy a scenic ride while listening to Fall-inspired tales from the driver, or ghost stories, if you opted for the ‘haunted hayride’ option. Cuddling up next to one another with a hot apple cider in hand while the tractor tour weaves in and out of the woods is a great way to get a breathtaking view of the beautiful scenery while simultaneously enjoying the outdoors together.

Grab The Snacks – It’s Movie Night
The ’31 Days of Halloween’ viewing event is nostalgia in the form of some of our favorite movies we all know and love. Though there’s a large amount of fall activities to experience outdoors, sometimes after a long week there’s nothing more satisfying than cracking open some beverages and a bag of candy while watching a Halloween-inspired movie together. With a fuzzy blanket to keep both of you warm while you watch the antics of the Sanderson Sisters, this underrated Fall activity will prove to be the easiest, and sometimes most enjoyable activity of them all.

Despite some disappointment about the end of our beloved summer, Fall always replaces our devastation with excitement of all the new activities we can experience with our loved ones. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship, have just started dating, or have only made it as far as stalking them on Instagram, there’s no shortage of fun to be had during this beautiful season.

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